For the Benefits

  • FPMA is partnered with industry leaders to bring exlusive added value member benefits for everything from discounts on trucks to web marketing services, fleet management and identity theft protection to name just a few.
  • Your membership includes a free subscription to PestPro magazine, the official magazine of FPMA.
  • Exclusive member only events, including our Behind the Scenes Company Visit, UF Lab Tour and Market Hardware and Coalmarch Webinar series, to name a few.

Improving Your Training

  • FPMA has innovated training with Facilities IPM Technician Training polycom broadcasts from the IFAS Pest Management University and Last Call CEUs featuring speakers of the Southeast Pest Management Conference; these events have brought university-quality education to hundreds of operators at convenient, local IFAS extension offices.
  • FPMA is the exclusive source for TechPro, online verifiable training modules for I.D. Cardholders developed by the University of Florida; each half hour segment is approved by DACS and includes a audio and video class on a variety of topics, a test and certificate of completion for employee training records.
  • FPMA has cutting edge training on emerging pests like the Tree Termite in southeast Florida.

Protecting Your Profession

  • FPMA pushed through much needed changes to Chapter 482 in the 2011 Legislative Session, widely supported by the industry and DACS, which overwhelming passed both chambers and was signed by Governor Scott.
  • FPMA continues to fight local fertilizer ordinances that defy sounds science and is working for statewide relief for professionals.
  • FPMA has “boots on the ground” representation with the legislature and DACS in Tallahassee and Washington DC.

Building Your Business

  • FPMA builds your presence with consumers through the “Find a Professional” feature on the association website, and makes your business more profitable with discounts on necessary products and services through its Preferred Provider.
  • The FPMA logo in your marketing is the mark of a professional, recognized by and promoted with consumers and the organizations whose members issue bids and sign contracts for pest management services.

Enhancing Your Public Image

  • The FPMA Community Swarm, an annual statewide public service project, builds positive publicity for the profession.
  • FPMA regularly issues press releases and frequently responds to media inquiries on issues such as bedbugs infestation and fertilizer applications.
  • An important benefit of joint membership with the National Pest Management Association is its promotion of the profession in widely seen national media appearances. 

Connecting with Fellow Professionals

  • At events like the Pest and Lawn Care Expo and FPMA in Paradise, the annual Summer Conference, you can network with peers and gain valuable insights that you can use to grow your businesses.
  • With over 140 monthly dinner and lunch meetings at 16 regions, you can connect with colleagues to learn from each other, earn CEUs and fellowship.

"Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don't see it yourself."

‚Äč~Edmund Lee