The Florida Pest Management Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit corporation that receives, administers and expends funds for educational, research, charitable and scientific purposes. 

Those purposes include:

1. To solicit and receive grant proposals from EPA, NPMA Foundation and other organizations; to issue funding from grant proposals received from research, education and charitable groups to address pest management-specific problems.

2. To provide education to the public on the importance of pest management in protecting health, property and food supplies, and the role the profession plays in sustaining economic viability.

3. To award scholarships to qualifying candidates in their studies of entomology, ecology and related life
and environmental sciences, and to advance the education and training of members of the pest
management profession for professional development.

4. To provide assistance to members of the pest management profession in times of natural disasters.

The Foundation is an independent organization with its own incorporators, its own Articles of Incorporation,
Bylaws, and Board of Directors with an advisory structure determined by its leadership. The Foundation is self-funded through the endowments, grants and fundraising proceeds it receives. Donations are tax exempt as a charitable donation and can be directed to specific educational, research and disaster relief efforts.

Please support the Florida Pest Management Foundation as a means of assisting fellow professionals in times of need, and as an investment in the future of your business and profession.



 Thank you to the founding members, who made The Florida Pest Management Foundation possible.



For more information about the Foundation or to find out how you can help contact:
Vanessa Ferguson


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